Crucial COVID-19 Research

In January 2020, all best laid plans for the new year were rewritten with critical urgency. COVID-19 had arrived on Australian shores and without any treatment or vaccine available, the only course of action in Australia and in many other countries was a Government enforced shutdown.

By mid-March, the RBWH Foundation Coronavirus Action Fund was launched, rapidly becoming the most critical fundraising campaign in RBWH Foundation’s 35-year history.

The key funding priorities of the Coronavirus Action Fund are:

  • The Australasian COVID-19 Trials (ASCOT) investigating new COVID-19 treatments to reduce mortality or the need for mechanical ventilation in hospitalised, but not yet critically ill, patients with COVID-19.
  • The Special COVID-19 grants analyzing unprecedented changes in the delivery of healthcare including the impact of life-support on COVID-19 drugs, long-term COVID-19 side-effects and the impact of telehealth/virtual care on patient care.
  • Infectious diseases initiatives to improve the outcomes of patients with serious infections, leverage grant and philanthropic funding, and train the next generation of infectious diseases researchers.

As COVID-19 continues to restrict the Australian way of life, research remains as crucial as ever Donate today. 

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Could provide a young person with cancer access to age-appropriate recreational activities to help alleviate distress.
Could provide two hours of research to help uncover the next medical breakthrough for premature or critically ill babies.
Could provide a school supplies voucher for a mental health patient who is a parent and is experiencing financial difficulty.
Could provide ten hours of research to heal uncover the next potentially life saving medical breakthrough.
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